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Xinjiang Its Mark on China's History(Turkish edition)
  • Author China Media Group China Central Television International Channel Information Office of the Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
  • Book NO. 12835
  • Words 200thousand
  • Pages 272
  • Price 118
  • Edition 1-1
  • ISBN 978-7-119-12835-1
  • Format 16
  • Publish Year 2021
  • Language Turkish
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The people in China created a profound civilization; people in all parts of the vast territory are connected by a shared culture. Historical heritage has proven that Xinjiang and Central China share the same cultural origin dating back to the Pre-Qin Period (2100-221 BC), followed by 2,000 years of cultural exchanges and integration. Since their formation, ethnic cultures in Xinjiang have been imprinted by Chinese culture. The culture of Central China has always been the emotional support, historic root and spiritual home of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, as well as the driving force for their cultural development.