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CHINA’S HIGH-SPEED RAIL: Changing the Face of China(Chinese edition)
  • Author Wang Xiong
  • Book NO. 12806
  • Words 346thousand
  • Pages 420
  • Price 118
  • Edition 1-1
  • ISBN 978-7-119-12806-1
  • Format 16
  • Publish Year 2022
  • Language Chinese
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In recent years, with the successive opening of high-speed railways, as a witness and participant in the development of high-speed rail in China, the author has repeatedly visited various places along the high-speed rail. As one of the China’s High-Speed Rail Trilogy, this book adopts the form of field investigation, expert interviews, and people’s feelings, with rigorous narration, vivid images, rich pictures and texts, and flexible language, telling the story of high-speed rail changing China, telling the wisdom and innovation of Chinese, telling the sense of gain and happiness of the Chinese people in the high-speed rail era, witnessing the institutional advantages highlighted by China’s road and exploring the Chinese value behind.