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SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS: HOW TO ACHIEVE WINNING RESULTS Stories and Theories of Institutional Studies(English edition)
  • Author Peng Heping
  • Book NO. 13071
  • Words 250thousand
  • Pages 268
  • Price 98
  • Edition 1-1
  • ISBN 978-7-119-13071-2
  • Format 16
  • Publish Year 2022
  • Language English
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This book focuses on how to improve national governance and corporate governance by employing institutional theories and institutional management. As a traditional concept in Chinese history, “institution” is also a universal social phenomenon in every company or country. The book illustrates the basic concepts and theories of institutional studies through ancient and modern idioms, historical allusions, anecdotes of celebrities, and cases related to the governance of companies and states, providing new perspectives and research ideas for a profound understanding of various social phenomena and their interactions in terms of politics, economy, legislation, culture, technology, and market.