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Pathway to Prosperity:China's Poverty Alleviation with a Case Study of Shanxi Province(Chinese edition)
  • Author Lu Shunmin Yang Yao Chen Kehai
  • Book NO. 12292
  • Words 230thousand
  • Pages 316
  • Price 68
  • Edition 1-1
  • ISBN 978-7-119-12292-2
  • Format 16
  • Publish Year 2020
  • Language Chinese
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The reportage is a comprehensive reflection about the new round of poverty alleviation in Shanxi Province after the 18th CPC National Congress. The three authors spent six months in 21 of the 58 provincial poverty-stricken counties, including 10 counties in deep poverty. Having conducted a number of interviews and surveys, they write up the reportage that covers identification of poverty-stricken population, relocation, and poverty alleviation through industrial development, financing, health, education and ecological development initiatives. In plain and simple language, the authors tell about the stories of the poor people, their joys and sorrows, and the commitment and persistence of those engaging in poverty alleviation. They show the readers the amazing achievements of poverty alleviation in China.