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The Worthy and The Able:Recruitment and Appointment in the Chinese System(English edition)
  • Author Nie Feilin
  • Book NO. 13037
  • Words 116.6thousand
  • Pages 240
  • Price 95
  • Edition 1-1
  • ISBN 978-7-119-13037-8
  • Format 32
  • Publish Year 2022
  • Language English
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If the worthy and the able are appointed officials, there will be good governance; otherwise, chaos will prevail. This is a golden rule that has stood the test of time. Ancient Chinese scholars believed that whether the officials are worthy and able plays a very important role in the rise and fall of a country, reflects what kind of person a monarch is, and determines the general ethos of the people. The myriad theories and practices concerning the appointment of officials in ancient times are still of relevance today. The merit-based personnel system implemented in contemporary China has evolved from ancient political meritocracy; it emphasizes capability and, more importantly, ethics, two criteria underscored in such mechanisms as recruitment, promotion, evaluation, supervision, and accountability.