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RULE OF LAW IN THE NEW ERA: China’s Way to Equity and Justice(Spanish edition)
  • Author Ma Huaide
  • Book NO. 12818
  • Words 150thousand
  • Pages 168
  • Price 109
  • Edition 1-1
  • ISBN 978-7-119-12818-4
  • Format 16
  • Publish Year 2021
  • Language Spanish
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Following the 18th CPC National Congress in 2012, China proposed a series of major policies, which helped usher in a new era of rule of law. To ensure that the exercise of state power, governance, and administration are all soundly based in law, it has taken major steps to develop democracy and the rule of law, and to improve the systems across the board. Its legislation is sound and law enforcement is strict; the administration of justice is impartial and law is observed by everyone. It has amended the Constitution and reformed state institutions, judicial accountability, administrative examination and approval, and national supervision systems. All this has written a magnificent new chapter on the rule of law in the new era.