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Justice and Impartiality:Rule of Law in the Chinese System(English edition)
  • Author Huang Shaoxiong
  • Book NO. 13031
  • Words 101.2thousand
  • Pages 188
  • Price 95
  • Edition 1-1
  • ISBN 978-7-119-13031-6
  • Format 32
  • Publish Year 2022
  • Language English
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As is wisely said in the Han Feizi, a philosophical work on classic legalism, “The law makes no exception for the wealthy and powerful, just as the carpenter’s ink-line bends not around that which is warped or crooked.” That is, all people are equal before the law. There has been an untiring quest for justice and impartiality since ancient times. It was a long process for jurisprudence to transform from an ambiguous concept to the main means of governance and for a sound legal system to be established in China. This book looks to help readers in understanding the historical context of China’s legal system.