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The World Expo 2010 Shanghai — China’s 159-Year Endeavor ISBN:978-7-119-06270-9
Language:English Pages:
Price:¥80.00 Brief:
Since the Great Exhibition was held in Britain in 1851, 159 years have gone by, and in 2010 Shanghai, China, will get its turn for the first time to host a World Expo. For over 100 years the Chinese people have participated in and supported the world expos in various forms. What effects did these events have on China and its social progress? What did China contribute to the events, and what interesting stories have emerged from them? What will the 2010 Shanghai World Expo show to the world?

This book records China’s participation in World Expos, and its great vision for the upcoming Shanghai World Expo. It contains many treasured historical photos, and depictions of stereographs, emblems and medals illustrating China’s links with 20 World Expos.

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