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Multimedia encyclopedia of China ISBN:978-7-119-05947-1
Language:English Pages:
Price:¥398.00 Brief:
Chinapedia is the only multimedia English e-book in China. It explains Chinese politics, economics, history, geography, ethnic groups, science and technology, art, and contemporary life to readers through the use of letters, audio and video. The first edition of Chinapedia contains 1.5 million words, more than 2,000 pictures and about 100 video and audio reports. The publishers plan to revise and update the book annually to keep it current. The links between different media forms are smoothly made and readers can also link to relevant Web sites by clicking an entry. A keyword-based search engine makes it convenient for readers to find what they are looking for. Readers can view China's history in chronological order with a specially designed timeline module. About 400 important historical figures and events are placed on the timeline as icons, which readers can then click on for further reading. A vivid map module helps readers to view China's provinces as well as the distribution of natural resources in different areas. The book also features a “Favorite” button to bookmark certain pages, and readers can personalize the e-book with various color settings for the computer.

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