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Mei Lanfang and Peking Opera ISBN:978-7-119-06047-7
Language:English Pages:
Price:¥68.00 Brief:
The author was born and grown up in china. He was graduated from department of journalism of Yenching University. He was a journalist during the World War Ⅱ. He immigrated to the US after the WWⅡ. He got the degrees of MA and Ph.D. in the US. He contributes his life as a teacher in three famous universities in the US. He is a hundred percent fan of Peking Opera. He gave his premiere performance when he was 14 years old and he takes every chance to give performance during the following years to promote Peking Opera. There are five chapters in this book. The first chapter introduces the history and features of Peking Opera; The second chapter tells us the family background of Mei Lanfang and the learning process when he was young and his contributions to Peking Opera; The third chapter focuses on the self-evaluation of Mei Lanfang himself and the appreciation of the worldwide; The forth chapter introduces every knowledge of Peking Opera to the readers; The fifth chapter explains ten representatives of Peking Opera in details and introduces the roles which Mei Lanfang was acted. There are proper nouns of Peking Opera at the back of the book and lots of pictures among the book for the readers.

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