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NAN XUN ISBN:978-7-119-06170-2
Language:English Pages:
Price:¥96.00 Brief:
Nanxun is known in China and abroad as the home of Jili Silk. Its thriving silk trade helped Nanxun earn the accolade “town of affluence.” Its community of wealthy merchants gave rise to beautiful garden residences, such as the Xiaolian Villa, the former residences of Liu Ti and of the Zhangs—all built on a grand scale and delightful to the eye. Particularly unusual is the juxtaposition of Chinese and Western architectural styles of these garden residences: Baroque columns, European fireplaces and French etched glass are blended into traditional Chinese buildings with central halls, skywells, and carved brick gatetowers. The Jiaye Hall Library has more than 10,000 ancient books and records; built along the river, the Hundred-Room Building is the subject of an old legend. The stone steps along the river bank and the roof-top fire gables look like piano keys, rising and falling without cease, playing the eternal music of Jiangnan, the waterland of rivers and lakes.

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