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Chinese for Everyone (Fully illustrated, with interesting, practical, easy-to-learn materials) ISBN:978-7-119-05460-5
Language:English Pages:
Price:¥298.00 Brief:
Content 1. 100 commonly used Chinese sentences with Pinyin. (designed for 20 class hours) 2. Daily conversation (two dialogues; replacement; application; vocabulary; language tips; interesting Chinese characters;) (designed for 80 class hours) 3. Vocabulary 4. Common knowledge about China The Package includes: 1. An Chinese-English book (other versions can be downloaded from internet by inputting the serial number) 2. 2 CD-ROM (can be used in pc/ipod/mobilephone/mp3) 3. 2 CD(Chinese audio/Bilingual audio) 4. 1 set of cards Price: RMB 298 Optional product: magic pen which can read the text. Price: RMB 498

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