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798 and Contemporary Art ISBN:978-7-119-06019-4
Language:English Pages:
Price:¥150.00 Brief:
In China, if you have exhibited at 798, you have “made it” as an artist. Relatively little-known outside China until very recently, every travel guide on China now mentions 798. It has captured the attention of the international art world and is developing into a major cultural phenomenon.

As this book shows, 798 is the result of a unique cultural paradox: as China embraces more and more individual artistic freedom, this is combined with China’s long, collectivist history of “doing work together.” For the artists who have exhibited at 798, their association has become a badge of legitimacy within the art world and often a passport to worldwide acclaim. This book offers a revealing first-look behind the artistic and cultural phenomenon that is at the vanguard of contemporary Chinese art.

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