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ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION – Harmony and Co-Existence ISBN:978-7-119-05189-5
Language:English Pages:
Price:¥98.00 Brief:
At the present time, China has reached a major milestone in its economic development, accompanied by significant social progress. China has become an important part of the global industrial network, but at the same time as it needs development it also needs green mountains and clear waters. This in fact is a reflection based on world industrial development, and, even more, a summary of the gains and losses of China’s reform and opening-up. With a view to building a harmonious homeland, the Chinese government has chosen sustainable development, and this has not only become a fundamental national policy but also a concept close to the hearts of the people. China’s dedicated efforts and activities relating to ecological and environmental protection have resulted in encouraging successes, but this has involved a long and painstaking process. This book presents a comprehensive overview of the achievements, problems and prospects in China’s environmental protection activities.

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