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Comprehensive Illustrated Catalogue of Chinese Buddhist Statures in Overseas Collection ISBN:7-119-04058-8
Language:English Pages:1470PP
Price:¥3,980.00 Brief:
This book includes valuable Chinese Buddhist statues, which were collected by overseas museums, art galleries, libraries, personal collectors, and also collected by some auctioneers and curio merchants. Most of the statues were made of bronze and stone carvings, others were gold, wood carving, dry lacquer, pottery and porcelain, painted sculpture, and bamboo, wood, ivory and horn carvings that were lost from East Han Dynasty (25-220 A.D.) to Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911). These statues were the treasure of history, religion, arts and crafts, and reflected a full view of Buddhist statues of Han Nationality. 1,170 overseas Chinese Buddhist statues and 1,470 photos are collected in this book, which is one of the most detailed and accurate records among the publications inland and abroad. The details of these statues such as description, time, material, size, place of collection, source and annotation are provided, and English translation of the first five items are supplied in this book. According to the iconography, we have done textual research on their time, source, home of the sculptures, true and false statues. This book is a systematic and valuable reference material for the studies of overseas Chinese cultural relics and the history of Chinese Buddhist statues.

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