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Chinese Bronzes—A General Introduction ISBN:978-7-119-04870-3
Language:English Pages:
Price:¥188.00 Brief:
Chinese bronzes were not only the daily utensils, work tools and weapons of the people of ancient times, but also exquisite works of master craftsmen which have been handed down from generation to generation. Their beautiful forms, elaborate decorations and the moving stories that were cast on them have attracted the attention and aroused the interest of lovers of bronzes at home and abroad. This book, copiously illustrated with colour pictures and sketches, is recommended to readers who wish to explore the wonder of Chinese bronzes. In language comprehensible to the layman, it supplies a basic knowledge on Chinese bronze art: its origin, periods of development and its value as regards the study of ancient history and ancient script. The author is a specialist who has personally participated in many major archaeological excavations and researched into this subject for many years, and in this book he reports on the latest results of the study and excavations of Chinese bronzes.

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